2016/7/27/-Ladies – “Ladysomes”

LADIES – Stableford – Ladysomes

  1. R. Fatone, S. Bruenjes, H. Gaylard  79
  2. L. Richardson, L. Johns, G. Stevens   71
  3. D. Nicholls,  R. Erwin,  D. Morgan  67
  4. S. Holmes,  S. Hofmaier        63
  • NTP 3rd – D. Nicholls
  • NTP 15th – S. Holmes

Next week Doris Chambers Foursomes S.O.P.


2016/7/24/-Inverleigh Ambrose Event 2016

The Sponsor of this day is “Cooinda Fine Wool”  which is the family of our past member Garth Allen.

The club is very appreciative of the family’s continued sponsorship in memory of Garth, a much loved and valued member.


  1. GROSS WINNERS:  Matt Kennedy, Jeff Crabbe, Geoff Kennedy, Kiall MacColl   63
  2. GROSS Runners Up: Ian Page, John Anderson, Stuart Anderson, Wayne Merendaz  65 C/B
  3. Aaron Sarah, Richard Dalton, Marcus Cowdrey, Leigh  Van Ingen 65
  4. NETT WINNERS :   James Drayton, Henry Warden, Dusty Drayton, John Crabbe,  70-11-59
  5. NETT Runners Up :  Aubrey Joyce, Andrew Scott, Darren Armstrong, Ange Gulino  67- 7 5/8 – 59 3/8
  • NTP 3rd –  Bob Prince
  • NTP 15th –  Stuart Anderson
  • Longest Drive Men :  Marcus Cowdrey
  • Longest Drive Ladies : Lesley Richardson.


Contact Deb Nicholls  0439 031103,   robert.nicholls1@bigpond.com  5265 1289


2016/7/22/-Inverleigh Ambrose Event Draw 2016


AMENDED 22/7/16

S.G.S @ 10am. Please report & pay no later than 9.30am. Breakfast available from 8.30 am. Please quote your GA Handicap when reporting in. Players on Tees 4,12,13,14,15,16,17 can drive to your tees if you wish,but please avoid driving on fairways if possible. Please note the field is full, so if you can’t play, please contact Deb Nicholls (0439 031103) so that we can include another team that is on our waiting list.

!st Tee             T.Lee, D.Storer, G.Styles, M.Chapman

2nd                    B.Cosier, P.Packham, T.Brown, M.Swift

3rd                    A.Joyce, A.Joyce, A.Joyce, A.Joyce

4th                    J.Nicolle, P.Morgan, L.Trezise, L. Giampietro

5th                    S. Hofmaier, S.Rayner, D.Bennett, A.Waayers

6th                    P.Graham, V.Graham, H.Prince, B.Prince

7th                    M.Kennedy, G. Kennedy, J.Crabbe, K.MacColl

8th                    L.Richardson, R.Erwin, A.Stoney, G.O’Brien

9th                    G.Erwin, N.Anderson, K.Blersch, J.Richardson

10th                  D.Brown, J.Templeton, S.Haberfield, O.Haberfield

11th                  V.Renick, B.Renick, J.Reeve, G.Reeve

12th                  K.LeMaitre, S.LeMaitre, A.Parsons, B.McDonald

13th                  R.Hinchcliffe, D.Mapleson, R.Burza, J.Earnshaw

14th                  A.Sarah, M.Cowdrey, R.Dalton, L. van Ingen

15th                  L.Johns, S.Holmes, J.Barras, H.Gaylard

16th                  I.Page, S.Anderson, J.Anderson, W.Merendaz

17th                  A.Coles, I.Featherstone, D.Gray, C.Warden

18th                  J.Drayton, D.Drayton, H.Warden, J.Crabbe

2016/7/13/-Ladies Par


  1. Sascha Bruenjes.       -4
  2. Deb Nicholls.              -8
  3. Lesley Richardson.    -9
  4. Rhonda Fatone.  -11 c/b Glenise Stevens. -11
  • NTP 8th Deb Nicholls.

Next Week Stroke P&E,  Silver Spoon Playoff

Reminder this Saturday is Inverleigh V’s Winchelsea Challenge Match, at Inverleigh.

Report 10.30am for an 11.00am Start.

2016/7/6/-Mens and Ladies Mixed Stableford


Men and Ladies Mixed event – Secret Partners.
  1. Isobel Oliver & David Brown 55
  2. Sascha Bruenjes & John Croft 53
  3. David Brown &  Glenise Stevens 52
  4. Rhonda Fatone & Tom Lee 42
  • Best Lady Score – Sascha Bruenjes 26
  • Best Men Score – John Croft 27
  • NTP 3rd – Club, 8th I. Oliver, 15th – Club.

Important reminder:

Inverleigh / Winchelsea Challenge

At Inverleigh Golf Club Sat 16th July 11.00am Start,  Register by 10.30am.

Men to bring a plate of Sandwiches and Ladies to supply Sweets.