Inverleigh Golf Club had its beginning at a property owned by the McCallum Bros “Argyle Park” Inverleigh which was leased, and a nine hole Sandscrape course was constructed by voluntary labour.Competition commenced in July 1937. There was no clubhouse and players met under a gum tree, later a tent was erected followed by construction of a shed.

In 1972 a new 9 hole course was constructed on temporarily leased land owned by Mrs Merna Pearce on Shelford Road. More permanent land was found in the 1970’s and a 21 year lease of Crown land was obtained and accepted in 1977 at the club’s present location.

This course was designed by local District Golf Champion Joe Briody.  It was cut out of dense bushland using a Dozer, a flag on a long pole, and a whistle, this indicated to the dozer driver where to clear.

A clubhouse was built under supervision of David McMillan and Jack Bath. This course was first played on in 1979, it was only 9 holes, and in 1981/82 an additional 9 holes was constructed which made the 18 holes that is here still today.There was no golf played from 1942 until the end of WW11.

In 1989, and 2014 the Victorian Ladies Sandgreen Championship tournament was held at Inverleigh, and in 1994 the Mens Victorian Sandgreen Championship was also held here.

There is an annual Open Tournament held each year, the first was in 1949.  This was a 4 day event, however recently it is run over 3 days.   Friday is Ladies Day, Saturday is Mens day and Sunday is a mixed event.

In 2000 we were very honoured to have a visit from 2 officials from R&A St. Andrews Executive Committee, this was the first time they had seen a ‘Sandgreens’ course and they were most impressed with the course and delighted with the hospitality extended.